AfroLife.TV Acquiring BlackTree TV

LOS ANGELES (August 28, 2018) - AfroLife.TV announced today that it is acquiring BlackTree TV in a stock and cash deal that will bring BlackTree TV's live coverage of African American celebrities on red carpets and sit-down interviews to its global audience. BlackTree TV is a leader and the voice of black Hollywood when it comes to interviews, media coverage, and special events. Since 1997, BlackTree TV has been interviewing entertainers from the African diaspora, like Michael B. Jordan, Denzel Washington, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and many others. BlackTree owns and operates channels on YouTube that have over 1,000,000 active subscribers.

“Jamaal has done something that no one else in the country has been able to execute and he’s been doing it for over ten years. BlackTree TV is a true voice in the black Hollywood community and they are a natural fit within AfroLife.TV. Our goals are very much aligned and we are happy to have them in our family”, says Alberto Marzan, Founder and CEO of AfroLife.TV.

BlackTree TV will continue to cover events from the red carpet and others without interruptions. During the next couple of months, we will be very strategic on what the integration process will be into AfroLife.TV. The brand of BlackTree will live under the AfroLife.TV branding without losing the essence of who they are, with potentially adding a “Live Streaming and Coverage” component to AfroLife.TV.

“It has always been our goal at BlackTree to explore new and innovative platforms and we believe that AfroLife will be the bridge to distributing our content to our audiences worldwide”, says BlackTreeTV Founder and CEO, Jamaal Finkley.


About AfroLife.TV:

AfroLife.TV offers streaming access to a world of curated African American, Afro-Latino, Afro-European, and African content. Our integrated, streaming media destination is designed to connect the African diaspora through premium content. Using a unique blend of digital streaming, social media, and curated storytelling, AfroLife.TV offers classic, popular, emerging, and independent content to educate, inform, and entertain subscribers. For more information on AfroLife.TV, visit us at

About BlackTree TV:

BlackTree TV is the number one source for entertainment content focusing and featuring our African American community. Over the last ten years, we have become YouTube’s premier place for best in Hollywood and have developed a global audience. BlackTree TV has over three thousand hours of original videos and never-before-seen footage. Our audience has become accustomed to amazing sit-down and red carpet interviews with the most exclusive African American stars. For more information visit BlackTreeTV

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