The Incredible Life of Darrell

Darrell is a total geek who has been working on inventing a jet pack for years. When his attempts keep failing, his parents give him an ultimatum: get a job or get kicked out of the house. There’s only one problem: Darrell is completely unprepared for real life.

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Alberto Marzan
I Love Bekka and Lucy

Bekka and Lucy are best friends and roommates living in a deserted neighborhood. They are used to being alone with each other in their isolation, but when someone moves in next door it challenges the status quo. Things really get shaken up when one of the girls unexpectedly gets engaged.

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Stephanie Thompson

Independent follows four hip hop artists as they navigate the industry’s waters without a record label.  Futuristic, Reverie, Trinidad James, and Sean Brown all have unique journeys as they hustle for success. 

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