The Incredible Life of Darrell

There are a few things you should know about Darrell:

  1. He's unemployed and lives with his parents
  2. He's socially awkward
  3. He's awesome

Darrell is a total geek who has been working on inventing a jet pack for years.  When his attempts keep failing, his parents give him an ultimatum: get a job or get kicked out of the house.  There’s only one problem: Darrell is completely unprepared for real life.

With no regard for social norms, Darrell sets off on a bumpy path towards becoming a real-life adult.  Along the way he meets many obstacles, including girl problems and having nothing to put on his resume.  And, obviously, a real job is just so…boring when all you want to do is build space equipment.  Can Darrell figure it out and find a place in the world as a contributing member of society?  Watch and see!!!

Alberto Marzan