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Kerrianne Taylor is a London-based experienced professional who specializes in editing, producing, and content creation for the TV and online industry. During her time at Channel 4’s on-demand service, All4, she worked on award-winning shows such as the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Stand up to Cancer, Made in Chelsea, and Scandal.  She also co-wrote, directed, and produced an independent short film, Raw Deal, which explores a fictional perspective on the 2011 England Riots, following the journey of 17 year old Imran and his sister as they struggle to make ends meet. She felt that coming from a working class background similar to the rioters, she had a duty to provide a visual account of their experiences and give audiences the opportunity to understand the plight of the young people dependent on the government services that were removed under the watch of Prime Minister David Cameron. As a result of feeling frustrated by the lack of diverse representation, since her early teens she has been determined to broaden the perspectives and voices reaching the public and transform perceptions of contemporary Britain through the visual medium of storytelling.

In 2013, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s team invited her to be involved with his Opening Doors Campaign to come up with ideas as well as present to several young people with similar backgrounds about her journey entering in the industry as an Assistant Video Producer. This opportunity lead her to becoming a social mobility ambassador for not only Channel 4, but for the TV industry as a whole.