Kevin Barton has spent his life immersed in creative industries. He began his career at Universal Music Group Canada, where he went on to create the largest urban music department within Canada. Kevin’s efforts propelled the division’s sales to record numbers. What’s more, Kevin was a pioneer in experiential marketing, creating a template that would soon be followed by many major corporations in the nation.

During his time with Universal, Kevin grew adept at marrying music with video messaging to deliver dramatic marketing that captured audience attention and carried emotions along with visuals.

Kevin later stepped into a role as head of Mobile Marketing in the Caribbean for Cable & Wireless. Kevin brought his unique take on marketing communications and content strategy to the task and redesigned the marketing department to better suit a fast-paced, high-noise environment. His efforts paid off, as CWJ saw a 100% increase in average revenue per user.

Kevin’s passion for storytelling led him to pursue further education in film and photography, allowing him to focus on bringing his directorial vision to life. Kevin has refined his experiences and skills into a technique he calls “strategic storytelling”, bringing effective marketing and brand-building communications to the deeply connected and unceasingly skeptical audiences of the 21st century.

In his new role at Bell Media as Director of Programming for SnackableTV, a new mobile first, short-form content platform, Kevin brings this unique perspective to the table in pursuit of building fresh, entertaining, on-the-go consumable content for audiences.