This symbol is said to have played an inspiring role in the designing of other symbols. It is a simple, yet abstract design, consisting of three concentric circles emphasizing the importance of ideas and abstract concepts. The subject of Adinkra is a visual representation of the important concepts in Akan philosophy.

Leadership Team




"Chief of the adinkra symbols"

A symbol of greatness, charisma, and leadership.


Its etymology:

Adinkra + ɔhene  (that is)  Adinkra + king, giving “Adinkra king” or “king of the Adinkras.”


Akan proverbs on kings (ahene)

1. Ɔhene sua sɛ dɛn koraa a, baakofoɔ nsoa no


No matter how small a king is, he is not carried by one person.


2. Nea ɔpɛ sɛ obedi hene daakye no firi aseɛ sua som ansa


He who wants to become king in the future begins by learning how to serve.