M.David King

Martin is an innovative, success-driven professional with an exceptional capacity to improve operations, drive revenues, and expand market share for domestic and international companies. As a leader and executive technologist, Martin has shared his unique solutions with Goldman Sachs Technical Services (Algorithmic Trading Group), The Williams Companies, IBM, Silicon Graphics, Digital Semiconductor, and SCI in Houston, Texas, while also turning around finances, redesigning technology, and effectively managing change. During his career, Martin has contributed to groundbreaking efforts in software engineering at Carnegie Mellon's Institute for Software Engineering as well as the OpenCourseWare project at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Coinciding with earning his BSSE, MS.c, and Ph.D., Martin has participated in and led landmark projects in sectors as varied as Biotech, Oil and Gas, Insurance, and Quantitative Financial Analysis; additionally pioneering efforts in media streaming, including network architecture, delivery, and head end media (players and curation). He was further substantially involved in developing and patenting emerging technology(s), semiconductors, mechanical engineering, Collective Intelligence datasets, and ML/AI, Blockchain, and Crypto Securities (from 2008), creating availability for every size business and data model since.

Martin continues to hone his extensive knowledge of business and technical operations in the New Media, Entertainment, Machine Learning, Edge Distribution, and Delivery of the same in diverse corporate and technological ecosystems.